West Kent Plus has been around in Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent for over 15 years. 

We are part of a much larger social organisation that was set up in the 1940’s called the National Federation of Plus Areas www.plusgroups.org.uk.


We are a social group that is run by its members for its members.

The group meets most Wednesdays at a local friendly pub that is situated in the centre in town by the railway station, adjacent to the pub, close to bus stops and transport with gardens, disabled access and does bar snacks in the evenins. Other times we meet as stated as listed in our events.


The group is managed by a committee in order to comply with the constitution of Plus (www.plusgroups.org.uk/plus/constitutions ). The committee is made up of an elected body of people that consist of a Chairperson, Treasurer & Secretary.Those are the three essential position that have to be filled. The other positions that can be filled are New Members Contact, Publicity, Webmaster & Activities Co-ordinator. We are non-profit organisation and we have no allegiance to any other organisation, political group or any religious affiliations. We are also not associated with any over 18 holiday organisation or dating agency.


As a social group we are run by its members for its members. Each member of plus is from a different background, has different occupations and variety of interests. The one thing that we have in common is the desire to make new friends and have an active social life.


The activities that are put on by the club are put on by members of Plus either locally or on a national scale (e.g. WASH).

What must be remembered is that if there is an event that you would like to see on the agenda and its not there, then please suggested it at the next meeting and we will do our upmost to put it on.

That's the basic principle of being in a group run by the members for the members. It becomes YOUR group so you have no need to join any others.

For more information about membership fees please click on the membership tab


Make new friends, kickstart your social life, have fun and join our social group West Kent Plus





























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